2020 Cadillac XT6 | 360 Backup Camera (Surround Vision)

June 18th, 2020 by

The Cadillac 360 backup camera, or Surround Vision, uses front, side, and rear cameras to display the area around the vehicle. The split screen allows you to see both a bird’s eye view and a rear view to help with parking and avoiding objects that are close-by.

How it Works

When the vehicle is moving at less than 5 mph, a live video will display on the touchscreen. The video allows you to see your blind spots, pavement markings, other vehicles, curbs, and other surroundings when pulling into or backing out of a tight space.

Shifting into reverse will invoke the Surround Vision system on the center display showing a view of what is behind the vehicle on one side of the screen and a birds eye view of the vehicle on the other side.

When the vehicle shifts out of reverse, a front camera view is displayed next to the overhead view, and when in drive, the system will display front view when an object less than 1 foot is detected by the Front Park Assist System.


The Surround Vision system offers a regular backup camera view along with 3 different views; a front-view that shows a 360 degree view of the front of the vehicle, a rear-view that shows a 360 degree view of the back of the vehicle, and a side-view that displays a view of either side of the vehicle.

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